Apathy Nurtured Oblivion

from by Man Will Destroy Himself

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5th track from 'This Is A Test', to be released on The Path Less Traveled Records
features alternate lyric sheet insert


Lead us into the trench of war
Then ask us what we’re fighting for
No one knows or cares anymore
Just more killing, death, and gore
There’s no point in seeking to quantify
The atrocities of death in life
No hidden meaning to decipher in code
Simple arrogance, finely honed

The bonds of truth objectify
Into subversion of what's truly right
So many choices made every day
But so few solutions for no gain

Welcome to apathy nurtured oblivion
Bound in subversion, you can not react
Living for nothing is living for nothing
If you don’t live on your feet, you die on your fucking back---

Looking out over the precipice
The only chance that we have left
Teetering on nether here nor there
If the balance tips, the due price is fair
So many people, every day
Eager to squander and wither in grey
There’s only so much one mouth can say
Words they fade, action remains----

Point at the people and demonize
With hands that usurp the gods they've wrought
Just another enslavement campaign
To bring more death, misery, & pain

Welcome to apathy nurtured oblivion
The way that I see it, you have to react
Living for something is not dying for nothing
Live on your feet; don’t die on your fucking back---

Go through the motions nothing to say.
Humanity’s essence fades away,
And there's no more.


from This is a Test, released June 20, 2011
music/words: Man Will Destroy Himself



all rights reserved


Man Will Destroy Himself Raleigh, North Carolina


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